What is crypto? (Old) Ciphers: substitution cipher, polyalphabetic, Vigenere, Enigma. Perfect secrecy, Vernam cipher.
Perfect indistinguishability. Eavesdropping experiment. Pseudorandomness. Constructing encryption scheme from a pseudorandom generators. Bad stream ciphers: RC4, E0, A5/1, A5/2, CSS.
Chosen Plaintext Attack. Pseudo-random functions
Pseudo-random permutations. Strong pseudo-random permutations. Message authentication codes
List of those who passed the exam: Precel, NF, Timmi, THOMPSON, 30k, Bienio, NormalLEaf, Szatniarz, MIGanad, Vimes, młk, YORHA, ToPewnieJerzy, Erazm z Groningen, Crees, Mam_Nadzieje_ze_zdam, Zadolek, odkurzac, SgtPepper, Bober
1 VII 10-13 D1.215.
Lab 1: Lab1 (due: 17 III).
Lab S1: Lab S1 (Security Track only) (due: 24 III).
Lab 2: Lab2 (due 31 III).
Lab 3: Lab3 (due 21 IV).
Lab S2: Lab S2 (security track only) (due 28 IV).
Lab 4: Lab4 (due 12 V).
Lab 5: Lab5 (due 19 V).
Lab 6: Lab6 (due 26 V).
Project: Project (due 2 VI / 9 VI).
Final grade is computed from partial grades: Final test, Labs, Classes
Classes are graded based on 3 short tests
To pass labs, you need to get 50 (out of 100) points
To pass classes, you need to get 15 out of 30 points
You need to bass both labs and classes to be admitted to the final test
Grades: 3 - from 50%, 4 - from 70%, 5 - from 85%