What is crypto? (Old) Ciphers: substitution cipher, polyalphabetic, Vigenere, Enigma. Perfect secrecy, Vernam cipher.
Algorithms for factoring
Algorithms for computing discrete logs
Post-quantum cryptography
Elliptic curve cryptography
MPC 2: Zero-knowledge proofs. Fiat-Shamir identification scheme. Non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs
MPC 3: Commitment schemes. Secret sharing. Garbled circuits. GMW (Goldreich, Micali, Widgerson) algorithm. Fully-homomorphic encryption.
Lab 1: Lab1 (due: 11 IV).
Lab 2: Lab 2 (due: 18 IV).
Lab 3: Lab 3 (due: 25 IV).
Lab 4: Lab 4 (due: 23 V).
Lab 5: Lab 5 (due: 30 V).
Lab 6: Lab 6 (due: 13 VI).
Preliminary list of projects: Project
The exam: 25 VI 13-15. A list of problems is HERE. You need to solve them and write the solutions down on a piece of paper. Then take pictures of your solutions and email them before 15:00.