Seminarium badawcze (zimowy 2012/13)
IP = PSPACE - Adi Shamir
Multiparty unconditionally secure protocols - David ChaumClaude CrépeauIvan Damgard
Efficient Dissection of Composite Problems, with Applications to Cryptanalysis, Knapsacks, and Combinatorial Search Problems - Itai DinurOrr DunkelmanNathan KellerAdi Shamir
Multiparty Computation from Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption - Ivan DamgardValerio PastroNigel SmartSarah Zakarias
Probabilistically checkable proofs - Madhu Sudan
Efficient Padding Oracle Attacks on Cryptographic Hardware - Romain BardouRiccardo FocardiYusuke KawamotoGraham SteelJoe-Kai Tsay
A tight characterization of NP with 3 query PCPs - Venkatesan GuruswamiDouglas R. StinsonMadhu SudanLuca Trevisan
An Enciphering Scheme Based on a Card Shuffle - Viet Tung HoangBen MorrisPhillip Rogaway
A Note on Constant-Round Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Knowledge - Yehuda Lindell