SCV is end-to-end verifiable Internet voting scheme. In contrast to other (all existing[?]) Internet-voting solutions, in SCV, computer used by a voter, does not learn voter's choice. In SCV, during registration phase, a voter obtains information that are not available for her/his computer. This property and scheme design assure that voter's choice will not be changed even if computer is compromised.

SCV inherits good properties after: Scantegrity/Punchscan (backend of the scheme), Pret-a-Voter, (ballot encoding) and ThreeBallot (verification technique).

The source code of SCV will be available soon. If you want it right now, please contact us.

SCV was tested by 6 652 voters during mock elections 8-10 June 2009. You can read more about global verification: (data concer that mock elections).
Scheme was designed by: Mirosław Kutyłowski and Filip Zagórski and implemented by: Zbigniew Gołębiewski and Filip Zagorski.